5 Best Photo Retouching Software for Windows/Mac PC

photo retouching software

“Image Editing Like a Pro” is now becoming easier & very simple. Because lots of amazing software are available on the market to make any photo looks beautiful and amazing. So, if you are a photographer/editor. Then, this post is special for you. Because In this post, I have shared with you Top 5 Best Professional Photo Retouching Software for Windows and Mac PC.

Which contains lots of amazing/helpful tools/plugins and effects. So, let’s know all the information about these image retouching software with all its features.

Top 5 Best Professional Photo Retouching Software for PC

Every Photographer or Editor wants to make their task easier and they don’t want to work too much hard. and also want to save their time. So, they always search for some image retouching plugins for photoshop or any kind of photo retouching software for pc, to make their work easier with most used/helpful functions like,

  • Skin retouching
  • Auto Level, Auto Color Correction, Auto white Balance
  • Make-Up
  • Background Change
  • Passport
  • Border
  • Photo Effects, etc

So dear readers, don’t worry. I have a great collection of photo retouching software for you. which contains these functions with other extra features. So, let’s know the 1st software name with features.

#1. Anurag Edit Plus : Photo Retouching Software

Anurag Edit Plus

Anurag Edit Plus is one of the best & all in one photo retouching software/plugin for photoshop. Using this software a beginner can make professional looks photos easily using their simple and user-friendly toolbar. It offers various types of features like the one-click background to remove/change, one-click passport, skin retouch, color correction, etc at a cheaper price.

I love the User Interface of this plugin and they also provide 100+ image borders with pro-level effect for album photo designing and other filmy level designs. So, if you want to save your time and want to satisfy your clients. Then, must buy or Download Anurag Edit Plus Now.

#2. One Click Pro : Edit Like a PRO

One Click Pro

One-Click Pro is another best photo retouching software for Adobe Photoshop and it the best Alternative of Anurag Edit Plus Software. It works like Anurag Edit Plus and contains almost the same functions. The interface of this software is pretty amazing. So, you can do your task easily. I love the color correction feature of this plugin.

It provides features like One Click Retouch with Texture, Auto White Balance, A to Z Make-Up Kit, Eye & Ornament Detail Booster, Sky Replace in PSD, One-Click Passport Bundle, FX Bundle with Tones and Effects, etc. So, you will feel like a pro after using this plugin. I am sure you will love this image retouch software after using it. So, go & Download Now. It’s so cheap and available online.

#3. Final Touch

Final Touch

Final Touch is a Special Edition Software for Adobe Photoshop CS3. If you are using Adobe CS3 Photo Editing Software and want to retouch your photos with some special effects, tones. Then, the Final Touch Software will help you to do this. The Final Touch Software with Key is available online for free. You can Download, Install, and Use it for Free.

In the year 2015, I am personally used this software on my pc. I like the One-Click Passport and Border features. and it helps me a lot to produce passport size photos and saves a lot of time. You can also remove background or change background with this software with one click. So, this is another Best Photo Retouching Software for PC. Use & Save your Important Time Now.

#4. Anurag 9 Pro

Anurag 9 Pro

Anurag 9 Pro is another Photo Retouching Software for Windows PC. This software is developed by Anurag Academy. They develop the best retouching plugins for Adobe Photoshop. Most of the photo designers use Anurag 9 Pro to improve the photo quality with the help of Advanced Image Editing Features. The Skin Improvement features are the best, I ever have seen in this Photoshop Plugin.

The Anurag 9 Pro Retouching Software comes with Advance color correction, 20+ Makeup Tools, Sparkle Eye & Ornaments Color Booster, One-Click Background Change option, Passport Package, 16+ (4×6, 5×7, 6×8, 8×10,8×12) Borders and lots of amazing Photo Effects. So, if you are running a Photo Studio. Then, this software is best for you. Download & Enjoy. It’s Awesome.

#5. Anurag i21

Anurag i21

Anurag i21 is another great invention of Anurag Academy. This is a great alternative to Final Touch Photo Retouching Software for Windows PC. This Tool supports Adobe Photoshop CS2, CS3, CS4, and CS5 Version. So, if you have a low-end budget PC and you are a budget level photo editor. Then, Anurag i21 Software is best for you. Using this tool, you can easily change the photo tone, add new effects, 50+ borders collection, skin improvement feature, and much more.

I have used this software in 2014 when it was launched and did lots of work. It also helps me to create passport size photos, stamp size photos, easy background changing, and much more. So, guys Download it from the official site and start your designing now.


In Conclusion, These are the best photo retouching software for PC available in the market. Buy and Download your favorite one and enjoy it.

If you ask me which is my favorite. Then, I will suggest Final Touch for Basic Photo Editing like Passport/Normal Album Etc. Because it has everything that we need. If you want to make photos fully Professional. Then, I will suggest Anurag Edit Plus. It has everything, from Basic to Advance. Thanks for reading our post. Please share, if you got some value.


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