7 Best Wedding Album Design Software for Photographers

Best Wedding Album Design Software for Photographers

Are you a photographer/editor and searching for Best Automatic Album Design Software for Windows/Mac. Then, you are in the right place to know everything about photo album designing software. If you want to be an Expert in Album Editing. Then, read the complete post.

This post is amazing for you. In this post, you will know the 7 best marriage album design software to make work fully automatic. So that you can save your time and make your work easy & productive. I am personally using this software to create beautiful photo albums.

Because these Softwares are best in the market and comes with Unlimited wedding album design ideas, templates, backgrounds, cover page designs, samples PSD file, and many more things you need in a wedding album design software.

Top 7 Best Wedding Album Design Software for Windows/Mac

Each and every couple wants to save their special & beautiful movement in a Photo Album. So, they can remind their previous days. To save their movements in a Photo Album, couples higher photographers to click their beautiful images on the camera to gave a Photo Album.

Now, these days peoples don’t want a simple album contains the classical type of photos. Because the old day album photos look too boring. The newly married couple wants a super attractive photo album. To give new designs to your customers, you need an Album Design Software to Make Beautiful Images at one click.

Because, this software contains lots of amazing features with Unlimited designs, background, layer and much more to create and creative photo Album in a few minutes. We compare and tested lots of Album Designing Software for Windows/Mac. and found 7 Best Album Designing Software for Photographers.

#1. Album Xpress Pack

Album Xpress Pack Software
Album Xpress Pack

Album Xpress is one of the best album editing software for photographers. It comes with fully automated tools to make work very easily. It doesn’t require any additional software like Photoshop. Using this software, you can easily Make a Photo Album in Simple Steps. The Album Xpress supports both Windows and Mac operating systems. So, you can choose your favorite operating system as your comparability.

Many professionals love this software. Because it comes with ready-made wedding album design templates with a beautiful background, text, clipart, matt design, sheets, png, masks, photo frames, and other layers. you can create a photo album with these templates with various sizes like 18×24, 12×30, 12×18, 12×36, 8×12, etc.

It has many different modes to create your photo album. Modes like Time Based, Template Based, Photo-Based, Album Based, Manual Mode, Layout Mode, and lots of models available in Album Xpress Wedding Album Designing Software for Windows/Mac at One Click.

Many Professional Photographers choose Album Xpress Pro for their Primary Album Editing Software to Create Photo Albums. That’s why We choose this 1st in our list of “Best Wedding Album Design Software for Beginner to Advance“.

#2. Julie Pixel Blaze

Julie Pixel Blaze Software

Julie Pixel Blaze is another Super Powerful Software to Create Wedding Album. It’s come from Julie International. Which is a popular software maker?. they created lots of Photo editing and Album Designing Software for Photographers. It is very useful for those photographers, who cover events like wedding, engagement, marriage ceremony, birthday, etc.

Many of you search on the internet for automatic album design software. So, this tool is helping you definitely to make your work easy & productive. Because it comes with a huge number of premade or ready-made Photo Album Design Templates, Covers, Background, Cliparts Layers, and many wedding album design samples.

So that you will get wedding album design ideas to show these templates to your clients and get the deal instantly. The Julie Pixel Blaze is a Special for all occasions. Because it has a universal design. which will cover everything as per your need. So, this is another Best Album Design Software for Photographers & Editors. Who wan to start their carrier in Album Designing Line. Then, it will definitely help you.

#3. Karizma Design Smart

Karizma Design Smart Software

Karizma Design Smart is a Super Easy Wedding Album Design Software, specially designed for professional and semi-professional album designers to create Amazing Photo Albums in a few seconds. The user base of this Software is very high. Most of the Professional Studios using Karizma Album Designing Software to Design Wedding Albums, Anniversary & Engagement Albums, etc by its ready-made beautiful & attractive Templates.

The Karizma Design Smart Software comes with lots of powerful effects, layers, and blocks to make an album fully professional. and the work process is fully automatic in this standalone software. That’s why many professionals love it.

The new version of Karizma Design Smart comes with new designs. New Designs like Clean & Modern Design Style, Modern Design Style Touch of Color Design Style, Color Design Style, Classic Design Style, and Clean Design Style.

The team of Karizma Album Editing Software regularly push updates for its clients and give new features & tools. So, this is another best Album Editing Software for every photographer.

#4. Album Sense CC

Album Sense CC

Album Sense CC is the most powerful and helpful album designing software for every photo studio and photographer. Using Album Sense, you can create any album quickly. It contains lots of advanced options to ease your work and you can create an album at one click while drinking tea on the computer chair. Most professional photographers, photo studios, photo designers use this software to create their photo album design in few seconds.

This software is fully user-friendly and easy to use and contains every option, that a photographer wants in his/her photo editing software. The menu contains features like Color Adjustment, Auto-Correction, Feather, Filter, Fine Skin, Rotate, Smart Composition, Auto Object, Smart Zoom, Eraser, and much more. So, if you are planning to buy an album design software. Then, I will recommend the Album Sense CC. Which will very cheap and contains Album Design Features with Day to Day needed features.

Especially, I you want to Buy/Download Album CC for making wedding album designs. Then, this software is also special for you. Because, it has more than 100000+ready made wedding designs & ideas to make anything possible at one click with a verity of customizable options. So, this is another best wedding album design software for windows/mac.

#5. Anurag Album Max

Anurag Album Max Software

Anurag Album Max is a very useful Album Designing Software for every Photographer. This software is easy to use and comes with 3500+ Gorgeous Wedding Album Design PSD Templates and you can use those templates for other works. It’s a fully automatic software like plug and play devices. Just you need to insert the picture and see the magic. You can design in two different modes (1) Auto Album Design Mode. (2) Manual Album Design Mode. So, these two modes will help in every step to beautify the Photo Album.

It works on Adobe Photoshop. So, just you need to install and see the magic. It comes with lots of color tones, masks, smart effects, Backgrounds and clip arts to expand your library. You can create any type of Album in Anurag Album Max Software with Super Impressive designs and effects that will impress your customer. So, this is another best software for the album designer.

#6. Album Quicker

Album Quicker Software

Album Quicker is Quick Album Designing Software for Photo Studio. It helps photographers to edit, beautify very quickly means at one click. This software has multiple options to edit a photo or create an album at some seconds without doing any manual work. The software comes with super amazing tools like Effect tools, Album Tools, and Batch tools to ease the photo editing work.

Album Quicker Pro version comes with thousand plus ready-made wedding album design templates, backgrounds, samples, covers, clip arts, etc to create a beautiful photo album using Album Quicker. It runs with the help of Photoshop from CS3 to CC Edition. So, this is another option for every photographer searching for marriage album design software.

#7. FotoFiller CC

fotofiller cc software

FotoFiller CC is a very useful software for photo studio workshops, photographers, album designers & editors. It has very advanced options that no other software doesn’t have. It means, some functions like Sky Replacement Option, Fit To Frame Option, etc. If you want to do it manually then it consumes too many times. But, in FotoFiller CC, you can do everything at one click. This software is very cheap and available online at FotoFiller.Com. You can buy it from that website.

If you are planning to buy it only for Album Designing. Then, it may be helpful for you. Because it has 500+ automatic wedding album design. where you can customize as per your choice and redesign them. So, friends, this is our final and last software for Album Design.


Photo Editing is another part of photography. Where we, capture the image and doing post-processing on the computer to get the best result. So, our clients get full satisfaction. Similarly, in Wedding Album Designing, The software is the main part of work. where we join 2 or more photos on a page and beautify it for better looking.

In, this post, I cover one by one Best Album Design Software for Windows/Mac to make beautiful Wedding Albums. I hope this post will definitely help you to find your best Album Designing Software with Advanced Features. If you have any suggestions/questions, please comment down below.


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